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Create serenity for your home with




Modern or natural stone formations

Tuck a small fountain near the front of your home to greet visitors or place them in the corner of your backyard to create a sense of peace with the fresh soothing sounds.

2 European Terra Cotta Patio Pond.png


Modern style and simple to clean

Easily add-on more features and grow this into a larger water feature over time with bamboo fountains, more bowls, or have it spill into a stream or larger pond feature.


Safe for kids and pets

This fountain technique allows the water to sink into gravel set over a reservoir which can support the rocks, humans, and animals without need for a pond or an open hole.

4 Green Slate Patio Pond.png

Patio Ponds

Small bowls and boxes for your patio

This is a great way to create a sense of Zen in a small space and on a lower budget. Easy to setup and simple to maintain.
Multiple sizes and colors are available.



Looks and sounds great in small spaces

These smaller fountains pour into a variety of basins, tubs, bowls, etc. These create classic sounds and they have delighted the humans for thousands of years.

Fire Fountain.png

Fire Fountain

Add-on for Urns and Fountains

This stunning add-on to our popular fountain urn turns all of the heads in your yard. Make your backyard the hottest new hangout space on the block with a fire urn!

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